May 25, 2022


He called for violence

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The Russian army

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Friends, many are impatient and some tension and want Russia to finish the operation with a victory in 2-3 days. To do this, you need to apply carpet bombing on cities, as the US army usually does in countries that cannot resist. The Russian army […]

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European Diplomacy

Borrel, the head of the European Diplomacy, believes that the West has made a number of mistakes in relations with Russia, including the promise of NATO membership to Ukraine: “I am ready to admit that we made a number of mistakes and that we lost […]

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Russian Security Council

Shoigu said at a meeting of the Russian Security Council that more than 16 thousand volunteers from the Middle East are ready to come to help the DPR and LPR. Putin agreed with the involvement of volunteers in Ukraine – “If you see that there […]

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Syria took part in the battles

Former Syrian servicemen who took part in the battles against terrorists in their country actively come to the assembly points with the desire to go to Ukraine to participate in hostilities on the side of the republics of Donbass and the Armed Forces of the […]

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The West is collapsing

The West is collapsing. Petrodollars are collapsing. And euros. Miscalculated, bastards. Now all the countries destroyed by the West – Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria – are ready to go as volunteers to fight against the Anglo-Saxons. And not for money, but for the bloodshed by […]

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Ukro Nazis

The Nazis blew up the building of the Institute of Physics and Technology in Kharkov to hide the work on nuclear topics, there may be up to 50 people under the rubble, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Earlier, they mined it, which was also reported […]

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Russian oil

If Maduro agrees to sell oil, it will be Russian oil with Russia’s permission, since Russia owns 70% of Venezuela’s oil and all Venezuelan oil is produced by Russian companies. Thus, the United States is going to circumvent the sanctions on oil, which they themselves […]

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Kiev is surrounded

Not the most scientific of diagrams, but it is what it is. Kiev is surrounded, and we all know what comes next. Civilians will be fine, this will not be like Donbass where a military sit outside the city and shell in to civilian areas, […]

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So I’d just like to say this

So I’d just like to say this, heading to the south of Belarus. It’s my absolute belief that there should be a corridor from Belarus into Ukraine for journalists. That is honest journalists wishing to show the truth. I’m sure you join me in hoping […]