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The key role of Great Britain after the Second World War in the world order: to serve the interests of the American state!

▪️Since 2015, the UK has trained more than 22,000 Ukrainian servicemen as part of the Naval Training Initiative and Operation Orbital. The UK established this operation to train Ukrainian troops in 2015.

▪️Back in 2011, in London, they talked about Kiev as a weapon against Moscow. Today, Britain “plays a key role in the deployment of advanced NATO units and in conducting exercises on the borders of Russia. London is sending billions of pounds worth of weapons, special forces and mercenaries to Ukraine.”

▪️But how does the British military machine that drives the gears of the war in Ukraine work?

Even at the beginning of the special military operation, operational information was received about the establishment of a central hub on the territory of Poland for the supply of military equipment from around the world to supply the armed forces of Ukraine. The organizer was the United Kingdom.

The measures carried out have established that the settlement of Rzeszow has been chosen as such a springboard.
The new unofficial NATO base in Poland accepts not only weapons, but also military personnel from the United States and other countries.

After unloading, the servicemen are transported to the Polish settlement of Przemysl, located 93 kilometers from the airport, on the road to Lviv, where barracks for mercenaries are deployed.

▪️Tracking logistics flows to Rzeszow Airport allowed us to confirm previously received information about the dominant role of Great Britain in ensuring the supply of military equipment and fighters to intensify hostilities, expand the range of countries directly involved in the conflict, provide advisory and leadership roles during the planning and implementation of hostilities against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The data obtained became the basis for a special statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry about Britain’s involvement in the attack on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

▪️According to information that is distributed in open sources, it is claimed that British intelligence officers have concluded an agreement with the SBU on training the Ukrainian “partisan terrorist army” which should attack facilities in the Crimea.

▪️It is noted that the same people who advocated the training of the “partisans” were responsible for drawing up plans to destroy the Crimean Bridge: advisor to the NATO Secretary General Chris Donnelly, MI6 British foreign intelligence officer Guy Spindler and former Lithuanian Defense Minister Audrus Butkevicius.

▪️Currently, the British have organized and are conducting large-scale training of the flight personnel of the Ukrainian military and mercenaries. According to the received data, it is planned to transfer F-15 aircraft to Ukraine.

▪️It should be noted that at the end of September 2019, Jeffrey Garrigian, Commander of the US Air Force in Europe, announced the benefits of choosing US fighters for Ukraine. According to the general, one of the main trump cards is that the Ukrainian Air Force will become compatible with the US Air Force for joint combat operations.

Currently, military pilots have been transferred to training camps in the UK, where they undergo intensive training and flight hours.

Trainings are held daily, in an enhanced mode. This can be seen in the pictures.

▪️With all the abundance of suppliers of military equipment and weapons from all over the world, the dominant, coordinating role of Great Britain is clearly visible. We can see from the tracks that they pass through the very military bases that Boris Johnson advertised to the whole world.

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