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Western press began to use photos of the death of Donetsk residents from the Ukrainian “Tocka U” passing them off as “Russian shelling of Kyiv”. Today’s front page of the Italian La Stampa under the heading “Massacre” presents the photo from Universitetskaya Street in Donetsk

Zakharova called an example of special cynicism the publication of the Italian newspaper La Stampa, which issued a photo of Donetsk residents killed after the “Dot-U” strike for a picture from Kiev.

“Apparently, the photo from the DPR turned out to be too good not to use it, and the Italian journalists didn’t care that they had committed forgery, gave out the victims of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Nazis in Donetsk as residents of Kiev. Everything will do for the sake of a shocking presentation of information in an anti-Russian frenzy. And no one cares about the truth,” she said.

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