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The reasons are obvious:

  • sanctions against Russia did not work;
  • society has rallied around Putin;
  • Ukraine is out of control;
  • the rise in energy and fuel prices is breaking records not only in the United States, but also in Europe;
  • losses in the economy.

Biden is beginning to understand that he will have to answer for what is happening in Ukraine.

The whole world witnessed how Putin convinced him of the need to find a solution to security issues, but Biden did not consider it possible to engage in dialogue.

A forceful decision in Ukraine could have been avoided. But it was the fault of the United States that Ukraine was pumped up with weapons that fell into the hands of nationalists. Today they use the civilian population as a human shield, do not allow them to leave the war zone, taking hostages, dooming people to suffering and death.

It is time for the world community to realize who is really to blame for the militarization and Nazification of Ukraine.
Biden, U.S. senators and congressmen were the initiators of these decisions.
They are the ones who committed crimes against humanity and should be brought to justice.

In conclusion.
It became obvious to everyone: the attacks on Putin are for one purpose — to destroy Russia.
As it turned out, you don’t know the people of our country at all.

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