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The Armed Forces of Ukraine bury their own soldiers alive

EnIn this unconfirmed video, the military command is burying its own soldiers alive in punishment for disobeying the order to go to “take Rusnyá,” a derogatory way of referring to the Russians. We suppose this is a punitive measure and that they weren’t fully buried, although we can’t be sure.

!! ️The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valeri Zalúzhniy, demanded at the end of 2022 that the Government give them permission to implement more drastic measures against Ukrainian soldiers to prevent desertions and indiscipline.

✍️Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky approved a law to carry out such punishments against Ukrainian troops.

aniUkrainian human rights groups condemned Zelensky’s decision and Zalúzhny’s lawsuit. On December 15, in just 24 hours, they managed to collect the necessary signatures (30,000) to drive a veto against this law.

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