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Let’s run through the UPA lineup:Stepan Bandera – Leader and organizer of the OUN (which included the UPA), assisted the German NazisShukhevich – according to a number of Polish historians is one of the organizers of the Volyn Massacre.Vasily Ivakhiv – planned and organized the mass murders of peaceful Poles (Volyn massacre).Robets Emelyan was the head of the underground communication of the OUN and cells of the organization in Western Ukraine. With the help of German intelligence services, he engaged in the transfer of armed groups and couriers to the USSROleinik Peter – in August 1943 led a raid on Mizoch, during which 100 peaceful Poles were killedSidor Vasily – On the eve of the Great Patriotic War, Sidor joined the Nakhtigal battalion, which he commanded a hundred in the 201st battalion at the rank of commander.This is not a complete list of all UPA Members, but already a few persons can understand to what level Ukraine is going to drop

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