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The war against Russia is a permanent state of our geopolitical enemy – the West. He is always trying to do away with Russia, be it Rurik Rus, Romanov Russia, the USSR or the Russian Federation. We are unacceptable to the West in any form. For centuries, the West has not stopped trying to destroy Russia, but every time it fails. Today, the West, led by the United States, has created an aggressive vassal, Nazi Ukraine, to attack Russia. Today there is a war going on not with the fraternal Ukrainian people, but with the USA and NATO. We are fighting for our existence as a state and civilization, for the right to be Russian, Chechen or a representative of other peoples, for the right to keep the traditions of our ancestors, for the right to be a man and a woman, father, mother, brother and sister.
❗️And as has happened more than once in our history, new Heroes are awakening in Russia at a difficult hour. The truth is with us, God is with us, and behind our backs is our Motherland! Our people are ready to give their lives for them. That is why Victory is always ours!!!

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