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So, on the way to Severodonetsk today to check on the situation there, it came to my attention that i’d been put on the UK government sanctions list, and all my assets frozen – ie money all confiscated. What to say about this. Well in the first place, my thoughts are with Severodonetsk, and will soon be arranging another humanitarian aid distribution there, at this difficult time where the will of the people has been achieved, but there is also the aftermath the war it took for that to happen. As for the situation with the UK, well to quote a certain tennis player, you cannot be serious, right? So all my assets have been frozen, and i’ve been slandered on a state level by the British government without any notification, without any opportunity to defend myself. No official charges against me, not even any actual accusations against me. Just that…. the British government don’t like my work. And for that they can seize my bank accounts from me, for starters, as other machinations are doubtless afoot. So, now we know, the UK government don’t need to present any actual charges against you, don’t need to give you any notification, or opportunity to defend yourself against their non-charges. They just need to not like your work, slander you, and steal your money. So at least we know what we’re dealing with here. Banana republics are looking on at the UK just now as the British government sanctions one of their own citizens because they don’t like his work, and just …. #facepalm .As for me, I crack on with my work here, showing the truth from Donbass. Love, and best wishes to you, from Lugansk, and thank you for all your messages and support! When my work here is done, i’ll return home to the UK, and if there are any real charges against me, let’s have them, rather than this… cowardly slander and sanctions from scoundrel politicians. Remember, who has truth on their side, that person is stronger…

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