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By Matthew Ehret-Kump

Up until recently, Canada’s role as a peace-keeping nation was respected the world over for our efforts in condemning the Viet-Nam war to our non-participation in the Iraq wars of 1991 and 2003. Since the entry of Stephen Harper into office in 2007, that hard-won image has been all but destroyed. Not only did Canada contribute over 10% of the military systems to the insane NATO strike on Libya in 2011 which left 80 000 civilians dead and left the once proud nation radicalized and ungovernable, but Canada was also the first country to cancel all diplomatic ties to BOTH Iran and Syria in 2012 (after the UK).

Had evidence been then presented proving that either country were actually a threat to world peace, as the press and Canadian leadership claimed repeatedly, then such actions, sanctions and accompanying war mongering rhetoric may have been warranted. The reality however, is that such evidence was never presented and instead vapid anecdotes and oft repeated lies were all that was left to justify attacks that would not only have left millions dead, and emboldened international terrorism, but would have unleashed a chain of events leading to World War 3.

It must be said, that the only reason why a Libya disaster has not yet been imposed upon Syria or Iran is due to the bold intervention of both Russian and Chinese governments which not only vetoed the British/Obama-led attacks in the UN Security Council, but forced the admission that the evidence being presented by the west were no stronger than the “weapons of mass destruction” lies which led to the destruction of Iraq in 2003. In fact, evidence has now revealed that any chemical weapons used in Syria were used by the western/Saudi-backed oppositiongroups dominated by Al Qaeda networks and not the government of Assad.

Since those spark plugs were momentarily snuffed by Russia in September 2013, new ones have been created centered in Ukraine, where a legitimately elected government was overthrown by a western backed coup that put Neo-Nazi groups such as the Svoboda, and Right Sector in charge.

Faced with such facts, one would have expected Canada, a nation proud of its pro Israel stance, to have denounced such blatant anti-semitic fascism now threatening civil war in Ukraine, but that has not occurred. Instead Canada’s response has been to prop this fascist regime as if it were a democratically elected government, and have led in a propaganda assault against Russia, exemplified by John Baird’s comparing of Putin to Hitler. Instead of living up to our image as a peace keeping nation Harper has gone so far as to commit six CF-18 fighterjets to a NATO air-policing mission antagonistic to Russia and has committed to participate in a US-led NATO July military exercise in Ukraine called Rapid Trident 2014. Meanwhile, new leaked documents posted by the Ottawa Citizen onApril 14, reveal that Canada’s Ministry of Defense has planned five scenarios for a Syrian military attack.

One would think that such blatant lying by Stephen Harper in a game which risks world war would inspire opposition parties to call out all neo-con lies in the defense of Canadians and world peace, but in fact all major parties are currently being led by the same British anti-Russian script and are in full accord with Harper’s war mongering. Not a single member of parliament has yet shown the courage to speak the truth, and this must change. The “Queen’s Loyal Opposition” continues to make loud noise on all non-essential issues from gay marriage, to senate reform, but on all essential issues that pertain to the globally extended financial empire, one world government, de-population and war, we hear nary a sputter of protest.

The big lie must be exposed now. What people don’t understand is that the Trans-Atlantic financial system is now dead. The $1.5 quadrillion dollars in derivatives are now melting down as the bail-outs no longer work to prop up the debt holding the system together. The Russians and Chinese know this, and also know that this collapse is driving the military buildup of NATO around Russia’s perimeter as well as the Air-Sea Battle doctrine of Obama’s Asia Pivot. War and depopulation are not unfortunate accidents but rather the direct intention of the financial oligarchy running puppets such as Mr. Harper and Obama.

Echoing Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, and speaking for the Russian government, Vladimir Kozin, a member of an interagency working group wrote in the Moscow Times of February 28:

“Quite frankly, instead of thinking how to encircle Russia with nuclear and missile defense weapons, the American side should think about how it can work together with us and other interested parties to prevent meteorites from raining down on our planet.”

Nothing short of this positive outlook will work.Russia doesn’t want to be our enemy, despite Harper and the Anglo-Dutch intention. So let us bankrupt the dead parasitical financial system with Glass-Steagall before it collapses and ally with Russia and China on mutual development strategies such as asteroid defense, the Bering Strait Rail tunnel, Eurasian Land bridge and fusion energy now while we still can.

Future generations will thank us.

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