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Taking into account the catastrophic situation at the Azovstal metallurgical plant, as well as guided by purely humane principles, the Russian Armed Forces once again offer the militants of nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries from 12:00 (Moscow time) on April 19, 2022 to cease any hostilities and lay down their arms. All who lay down their weapons are guaranteed the preservation of life.

▫️For the implementation of the measures of this next humanitarian operation, the following algorithm of actions is provided:

🔹from 13:00 (Moscow time), continuous communication is established between the Russian and Ukrainian sides for the mutual exchange of information;

🔹from 13:30 (Moscow time), the militants of nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries – on the one hand, the Russian Armed Forces together with the military formations of the Donetsk People’s Republic – on the other hand, declare a ceasefire and guarantee its strict observance.

▫️The actual beginning of the ceasefire by both sides is indicated by the raising of flags:

🔹from the Russian side – red, from the Ukrainian side – white around the perimeter of Azovstal. In addition, the fact that the parties are ready to introduce a ceasefire is confirmed by all communication channels;

🔹from 14:00 to 16:00 (Moscow time) – the exit of all Ukrainian armed units and foreign mercenaries without exception, without any weapons and ammunition.

❗️Once again, we call on the official authorities of Kiev to show prudence, to give appropriate instructions to the militants about ending senseless resistance and leaving the hotbed of resistance. However, realizing that they will not receive such orders and commands from the Kiev authorities, we urge them to make such a decision on their own and lay down their arms.

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