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U de M defends a professor taking a pro-Russian stance on the Ukraine invasion. Montreal Gazette comes up with this article. Yes, it is absolutely right that Universite de Montreal defending a professor. First of all, he is an employee of this university. Also, Canada is a free country, and everybody has the right to have their own opinion. Or it is not so FREE?
Let’s put it this way. He is not just a professor he is a historian. He knows about history more than any of your favorite official media strips such as CBC or other crack heads. And, excuse my French but only absolute moron would argue with such man. Absolute moron or Nazi collaborator.
Since I see in Canada more ukro Nazis flags than Canadian flags. And Since that blue-yellow crap = flag of the Third Reich, seems like most of Canada is Nazi collaborators. But if so why Ottawa convoy protestors been accused of being Nazis and pushed off the street by special force police just because? Double Standards?
since you are tearing your asses for double standards I would advise you just keep your dirty yaps shot and shoved that blue-yellow Nazi flag up ur ass.


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