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Finally we’re going to talk about covid! But not really as Macron and his friends would like it, and we’re going to discuss US Biolabs in Ukraine, the biolabs that did not exist at the end of February, and that finally exist well, like the US undersecretary of state, the well-appointed Nulland l’a c Unsigned…. I love this turn of events.

Russian biological warfare forces transport the contents of US biological research factories inside Ukraine into Russia. Dozens of secret documents were found that reveal the involvement of a large number of NATO countries, in addition to America, in research related to biological weapons and the manufacture of deadly viruses. Russia has acquired a treasure trove of information that China will pay dearly to obtain, in order to absolve itself of the accusation of being the source Corona ( “chinese virus”). The Russian pages talk about the fact that the pandemic Corona was an American attempt to strike the Chinese economy, and it failed.

by: Penny Giorgalis Stafyla

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