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“People are very frightened right now, hearing that the war in Ukraine could degenerate into a third world war.” Why is this war happening and who is hiding behind it? San Paisios (+ 1994) prophesied that Europe would be demolished by his own friends. Behind everything that is happening lies the famous penthouse of darkness. A secret organization of five families completely dedicated to Satan’s worship. Their aim is to have a world government with a religious leader, the false prophet of the Antichrist. All nations must be destroyed so that there is no reaction and resistance anywhere. This is why the hypocrites were appointed heads of state, who don’t hesitate to become ruthless murderers of their own people. Now they’re trying to destroy Russia because it’s the only Country that, because of its religion and president, has taken a stand against everyone, openly challenging the family at the Rothschild summit. Politicians interpret everything with political analysis. But this is a side of the medal. There is also a spiritual aspect, as God sees it. Every time the people escaped to his grace, then God intervened to bring the people back to true faith and truth.”• Father Elpidios (Orthodox-Greek priest)

Aly Valy

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