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Friends, many are impatient and some tension and want Russia to finish the operation with a victory in 2-3 days. To do this, you need to apply carpet bombing on cities, as the US army usually does in countries that cannot resist. The Russian army has never acted as the US army. Please note that Russian officials have never talked about the timing of the operation. There are many nuances that people who do not know all the circumstances and goals of Russia cannot understand. Russia must gain a foothold in the controlled territories, tighten up the rear forces and support forces, conduct explanatory work with the local population, establish supplies to foreign citizens, sweep the territories from the Nazis, regroup and then advance further. From the controlled territories, Russia is devitalizing the uncontrolled parts of Ukraine. Russia is trying as much as possible to avoid casualties in its army and civilians in settlements and cities, for which it regularly declares a regime of silence and green corridors for citizens. And don’t forget about mine clearance, because the Ukrainian Nazis mined residential buildings, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, roads, abandoned equipment, and so on. Of course, all this slows down the advance of the Russian army, but time is playing on Russia’s side. The population of Ukraine is increasingly on the side of Russia, and the Nazis have fewer and fewer weapons. Therefore, I ask everyone not to worry and calmly wait for the completion of the operation. And all this is completely unrelated to the opinion of the West. We absolutely don’t give a fuck what the West thinks, but the Russian army will never cover itself with a stain of shame. Everything is going according to plan.

Татьяна Новикова

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